The Ciliegiolo wine

Ciliegiolo (named also Ciliegino) is an AUTOCHTHONOUS TUSCAN VINE whose origins are not very clear: some people say its presence in Tuscany dates back to 1870, when some pilgrims coming back from the Spanish sanctuary of San Giacomo di Campostella took it to Italy (that’s why it is also called Spanish Ciliegiolo). On the contrary other experts are convinced that the grapes in question are that scented “sweet Ciregiolo”, which was mentioned by the Florentine writer Soderini in the seventeenth century and whose fragrance is improved at best by hot climates. But we know for certain that they were only used for wine-making and not much popular because only used as blending grapes.

In fact, in case of wine-making in pureness, these grapes produced an almost colourless wine, which was very fruity and alcoholic, but often plain for its low acidity content. Moreover, due to their early maturation, they were normally used as eating grapes or for the production of not-aged table wines known as “novelli toscani”.
This vine is now present in Central Italy (Liguria, Umbria, Marches and Tuscany) where falls under the following DOC grapes: Parrina, Colli Lucchesi, Chianti, Chianti Classico, Colli di Luni.

But in the last few years this vine has been rediscovered and rescued from extinction. According to some recent studies carried out by Istituto San Michele all’Adige, Ciliegiolo would be one of Sangiovese’s “parents” together with other two varieties grown in Campania named Palummina Mirabella and Calabrese Montenuovo. At our farm, before 2000, a small quantity of these grapes was normally added to other red grapes for the production of Chianti Colli Senesi, giving this wine colour, mellowness and a fresh cherry-flavoured aroma. But since 2000, thanks to the precious advice of our oenologist Francesco Bartoletti, the wine-making of these grapes has been carried out in pureness.
The result is an elegant wine whose most important feature is, in addition to its deep ruby colour with violet glints, the rich sweet cherry-flavoured taste that is enriched by strong aromas of morello cherry, prune and redcurrant/bilberry jam due to its ageing in wooden casks. Since the very beginning of its production our Ciliegiolo has always obtained excellent acknowledgements and in the last few years also important mentions at international level.
In July 2005 our farm officially joined the ARSIA project (Improvement of Tuscan wine productions through the development of minor autochthonous vines) in collaboration with Dipartimento di Coltivazione e Difesa delle Specie Legnose (Department of Cultivation and Defense of Wooden Species) of the University of Pisa.





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