The restaurant

Our farm holiday is the unavoidable stopping place for all those people who are fond of food-and-wine products because here they can taste the simple dishes of the Tuscan tradition, always cooked with fresh seasonal ingredients grown at the farm vegetable garden.

In the morning you can have home-made cakes and, on request, salami and cold meats, cheese and fresh eggs for breakfast. In the evening the guests who want to taste delicious dishes sit down to dinner at the same table placed in winter in the specially provided restaurant hall on the first floor, which is heated by a large wood-burning fireplace. But in summer you can eat outdoor in a large garden full of flowers, immersed in the delicate scent of roses and jasmines, in nice and cheerful company of the lady owners of the farm.



Ingredients: 1 roll of flaky pastry, 1 kg Certaldo red onions , béchamel sauce, cheese by choice (pecorino, fontina etc.) cut into cubes, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika.

Cut onions very finely, cook in a pot with some oil for at least 40 minutes and then add béchamel sauce and your favourite cheese. Add finally salt, pepper, paprika at pleasure and other aromatic herbs. Pour the compound on the flaky pastry and bake at a temperature of 180°C until the flaky pastry becomes golden brown.


As starters: fettunta, black Tuscan toasts, vegetables pies, pappa al pomodoro, baked omelettes.
As first courses: spelt soup or salad, tortelli with mushrooms, tagliatelle with duck sauce (this latter is Maria’s specialty who is here at work!!!

Tuscan pasta with onions and rigatino cheese, rice with saffron and vegetables.
As second courses: fried rabbit or with vernaccia, stewed duck, roast ham, delicious mixed grill...

braised meats and for the luckiest guests… pizza cooked in the wood-burning oven.

As desserts a large choice is available: cantuccini with almonds, ricotta cake, jam tarts, apple-pie or grandma’s pie, chocolate salami etc. … but, to discover all other delicious dishes not mentioned now and worm the secret recipes out of the lady chefs, you have no choice but to come to us!!! Come and visit our farm to learn some savoury recipes!!!


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