Prices and conditions

Prices change according to the seasons and the days of stay

Room rates (per person) per day with breakfast: from 30 to a maximum of 45

Room rates (per person) per day half board: from 55 to a maximum of di 80

Apartment for 2 pax per day without breakfast: from 70 to 90

Apartment for 3 pax per day without breakfast: from 90 to 110

Apartment for 4 pax per day without breakfast: from 100 to 140

Apartment for 6 pax per day without breakfast: from 120 to 160


  • Possibility of adding a third bed 25 per day with breakfast
  • Reductions for children to be agreed at the time of booking
  • Minimum stay 1 night
  • The reservation is valid only after confirmation by e-mail after payment and deposit (normally 30% of the amount of the holiday)
  • Early departure: in any case you will be charged the full amount due
  • Cancellation of reservation only if it takes place within 20 days before the date of arrival the deposit will be returned
  • Breakfast (not included in the cost of the apartment!) Possible on request from 5 to a max of 10 per adult person
  • Dinner: The cost varies between 25 / 40 per adult including beverages and will be served at around 20.00 to share with the other guests at one table (like family) so please do not delay.
  • Pets allowed only in those of small / medium size prior notice when booking and payment charges are added.
  • Parking is adjacent to the structure, free but not covered. Available to all guests but is not guarded.
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