Maria, Antonella and Donatella

As clearly expressed by wine labels, LE TRE STELLE are three women, representing exactly the owners of the farm having the same name: two sisters (Antonella and Donatella) and their mother Maria.


In fact the farm was established in March 1998 by Antonella and Donatella who wanted to continue the wine growing and producing activity of their family, showing everybody the firmness and pride inspiring women’s soul.



Choosing to become farmers, in spite of everything and everybody, they follow and pursue the dream that once pushed the Rubicini family to leave the Marches moving to Tuscany to become landowner, quitting forever the sharecropping activity they had been subject to until then. The first years of activity were difficult: in addition to the sorrow for the untimely death of their father, they also suffered the humiliation and pain due to the fact that nobody trusted them, convinced that three women had no chances as farmers and could neither till the land nor drive tractors alone. But the pride and the passion as well as their devotion to the land have contributed to winning this challenge and today, after several troubles, they have earned respect, gaining a high quality level both in the products and in the services offered by the farm.
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We dedicate all our work and our past and future
successes to our father Gino."
Antonella e Donatella



Some important steps of the farm LE TRE STELLE:




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